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The kennel name of "Tango" is a fairly new kennel name for a very established Golden Retriever kennel.  I have been involved with Golden Retrievers since the fall of 1979, when "Magic" graced our lives.  And it has never been the same around here since!  From that time, I have managed my breeding/showing activities as an individual, and also for several years as a partnership.  A few years ago, I once again chose to have the control over my own breeding program, and it seemed natural at that time to honor my first true show dog and champion by using her call name as my new kennel name.  So....... Am/Can Ch. Oncore's Last Dance - "Tango" for short, became Tango Golden Retrievers.
This is a small kennel, striving to produce the highest quality Golden Retrievers, both as great family companion and as show/performance dogs.  I concentrate on all aspects of the Golden here at Tango Goldens - health and clearances, temperament, correct structure and movement, and beauty.  My philosophy is:  Winning should be the by-product of a successful breeding program, not the purpose for it!!  And I keep that philosophy at the forefront of every breeding that is done here at Tango Goldens.
A little background history on myself......  I started out showing American Saddlebred horses at the age of twelve, for a total of 25 years.  It was my honor to have horses that were able to compete at the World Championship level, and it is a passion of mine that I still miss to this day.  However, having three small children, and one with allergies at the barn, it became harder and harder to continue training and showing my horses.  Enter the Golden Retrievers!!  My first Golden Retriever was acquired just as a pet, but her breeder urged me to begin showing her when she was six months old.  I became hooked, so to speak, at the first show, and that was in 1980.  "Magic" was not show quality, I soon discovered, but I knew that this breed and the dog shows were something that I wanted to seriously pursue.  So I joined the Golden Retriever Club of America, and the Golden Retriever Club of Columbus Ohio, and began studying.  I studied everything about the breed, all the pedigrees I could get my hands on, grabbed on to every mentor that I could, and began learning structure and movement.  I will have to say that all of my knowledge from the horses helped with this process.  Now putting all of my new knowledge to good use, I chose to purchase "Tango" from a breeder friend as a show prospect, and hoped for the best.  She exceeded all expectations, becoming my first champion - owner/handled, and went on to produce my first home bred champions - one of whom later became my first Best In Show dog - owner/handled, of course!!  I maintain some of these same bloodlines in my dogs today..... 
I am now an All Breed judge for the United Kennel Club and have also judged many puppy sweepstakes, including the Golden Retriever Club of America's National Specialty.  Judging is something that I enjoy immensely, and I feel it is a way to give back to the breed that has done so much for me.
Breeding and showing Golden Retrievers is truly a hobby for me, only breeding when I wish for a new puppy for myself, but it is a hobby I take very seriously.  I have a lifelong commitment to the Golden Retriever and as my position as one of it's guardians!




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